Boost Electuary ~ Sumac & Hibiscus

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These Electuaries, or herbed honeys, are a delicious and easy way to get the all the benefits of herbs! They are packed with freshly cured and powdered herbs (mostly) from my garden and local, unpasteurized honey. Electuaries don't need to be strained but rather left to develop body and flavour the longer they sit and are used by the spoonful. 

*This photo is of our 4oz jar btw, not our updated 8oz. So, double this picture in your mind and that's what you're getting!

This is a deeply herbed honey with a BOOST of vitamin C and anti-oxidants, not to mention a delicious citrusy flavour. Ideal for flu season and anytime you need a vitamin C kick. Packed with powdered Staghorn Sumac and Hibiscus. 

Add a tsp to a cup of hot water, tea, milk or milk alternative. Alternatively, take it straight or on a piece of bread :)