Floral Immunity ~ Lilac + Peppermint

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Invite gentle immune + fever support with this delicious, floral glycerite.

1 fl oz / 30 ml

A sweet and tasty extract to support health or to add a floral note to any beverage.  I love lilac so dearly, the smell and taste instantly bring me back to childhood, hiding deep in its fragrant branches. I love to mix a dropper full with a little carbonated water or use as a sweetener in an herbal tea. 

Our lilacs are gathered in full bloom and in varying shades of purples, pinks and whites from our neighbour's sprawling bushes. The spring gathered peppermint plucked from our overgrown herb gardens. 



Lilac has historically been used to prevent the recurrence of disease, bring down a fever, fight intestinal infections (parasites) and ease gas and constipation. A beautiful, tasty and healthful herb. 

Peppermint is wonderful at easing digestive issues, soothing tension, increasing energy and mental alertness and fighting infections. 

Flower Essences of Feverfew, Hops and Mullein to calm the system, soothe the nerves, increase circulation and increase inner consciousness. 



Children 3-7yrs, 10 drops, up to 3x/day or as needed. Adults 20-30 drops, up to 3x/day or as needed. 

Check with your doctor before using herbs if pregnant or on medication. 


Organic Vegetable Glycerine + Spring Water infused with Syringa(Lilac) Flower, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) and flower essences.

All of our Tinctures and Glycerites are made with fresh herbs grown organically or foraged locally. We infuse them within hours of harvesting to craft the most vibrant extract available.